Sustainability Goals

Healthy Living Starts with You

We make it our mission to provide the best quality of life to users of our disposable products, always with sustainability in mind.

For more than 20 years, ABENA has been working actively and passionately with sustainability and our work is well-documented.

Our vision is clear. We want to be market leaders on sustainable solutions, and we take our social responsibility seriously. We ensure that our suppliers respect international CSR standards to leave a safer planet for our children and grandchildren.


  • We are working to minimize our use of energy, reduce our CO2 emissions, and change to renewable energy sources across our production and office facilities.

  • We are working to increase our workforce and secure safe and fair working conditions for our own employees and our suppliers' employees.

  • We are working to minimize our environmental impact and limit waste through a circular economy approach.

  • We are working to preserve the variety of life on Earth and prevent the loss of extinction due to human activities.

Our production site is fully-integrated with our warehouses and is covered by 100% renewable electricity certificates.

With more than 50 production lines, we have machines that produce over 800 products per minute in Denmark. Our automated and robot-controlled manufacturing processes allow a smooth process from start to finish.

Further, we are committed to sourcing the purest raw materials possible to provide our customers with the safest, highest quality products.

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